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Different types of wrist watches you need to know

The watch you wear will show your personality and sense of style. Selecting the best watch can be a little overwhelming. There are different types of wrist watches available in the market. The surprising situation is that most individuals do not have complete information about different types of watches. There are different categories in which the watch is divided according to its movement, display, class, and style. Here we have a complete guide about all types of watches you need to know

Categories of different types of wrist watches

Watches can mainly divide into four categories and inside them, we can have more subcategories.

1) By Movement

  • Quartz
  • Mechanical
  • Automatic
  • Kinetic
  • Solar

2) By Style

  • Dive watch
  • Pilot watch
  • Field Watch
  • Dress watch
  • Moon watch
  • Chronograph watch
  • Moonphase watch
  • Day and night watch

3) By Display

  • Analog
  • Digital
  • Analog & digital

4) By Class

  • Entry level
  • Mid-level
  • Luxury

Now let’s see little bit deep into different types of wrist watches.

1) By Movement



It is developed with the quartz crystal that is synchronized with the electronic oscillator to power the watch. There is a precise frequency at which the crystal will pulsate. There is a small stepping motor in the watch that maintains the frequency by breaking it down into an integrated circuit.

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It is the type of watch in which movement depends on the mechanical parts. That is why the watch does not depend on a battery. It is further divided into two types of manual and automatic. However, mechanical is commonly referred to manual watch in which you have to wound the crown to make the watch work.

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It is the type of watch that gains power with the motion of the wearer. There are some traditional watches in which you have to wound the crown despite it being automatic. It uses the manual winding technique for working.

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It is the type of watch in which quartz movement will gain power with the wearer’s movements. It is not like automatic because there is quartz crystal which means that the product is using the battery for proper functioning.

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This is not actually a movement type but power source type, it is the type of watch in which small size solar panels are installed. It is also a quartz watch in which the battery will gain power from solar energy for proper working. It might be a dual watch in which solar and other types of battery exists.

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2) By Style


Dive watch

The latest quality watch that comes with water resistance technology. In this way, there is a lock-unlock technology for the coil. It will provide better protection against water. It has a thicker rubber gasket as compared to other watches to provide better protection.

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Pilot watch

It is a special type of watch that is developed with the aviation technology. The product is very easy to read. They are developed specially for the fighter pilots to assure that watch can work at the height and pilots will be able to easily understand the time.

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Field Watch

These are the special type of watches that are designed for the military army. These are sturdy and impact resistant as compared to other watches available in the market. The best thing about these watches is that they have thick arm hand which makes them easy to read.

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Dress watch

In earlier days the dive and filed watches were regarded as the dress watch. However, in the modern world dress is the watch that has an elegant design and it is commonly worn for formal occasions.

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Moon watch

When the man first went on the moon, he noticed that he was unable to see time on the moon. That is why scientists developed the moon or lunar watch to help the astronauts to see the time on the moon. Moon watch can easily survive on the moon.

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Chronograph watch

The chronograph is a feature in the watch but now it is regarded as the type of watch. It has two buttons that are attached to the crown. Once it used to restart the watch and other will help to start and stop the watch.

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Moonphase watch

It is developed with the same technology as Chronograph watch. The special thing about the watch is that it comes with the Moonphase. You will be able to check the Moon phase on the watch. It will indicate the day and night on the watch.

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Day and night watch

It is the watch similar to the Moonphase watch. However, you will not be able to check the phase of the moon. Instead, you can know the day and night time with the watch. The technology used for adjustment of the watch is Chronograph setting.

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3) By Display


It is the most traditional type of watch available in the market. It comes with the hour and minute hand that allows you to check time. There are some old watches available that even have a second hand. It is similar to the analog wall clock we used in modern days.

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Digital watches required electric power. It is developed with the quartz movement technology. Watch comes with the LCD display that will show the information including time and date. Some watches even show extra information, and also new generation smarts watches also can categorize as a digital watch checkout Smartwatches for men and Smartwatches for women articles.

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Analog & digital

It is the latest type of watch that comes with both analog and digital technology. There is a small LCD installed in the watch that will show the digital time. The main frame of a watch is like an analog watch. It is developed with quartz movement because LCD need electric power to work.

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4) By Class

Class of watches

Entry level

It is the most affordable type of watch available in the market. Their starting price can range from $600 to $1000.

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The cost of this watch can range from $1000 to $9000. There are some products available that are below $1000 but they are not considered to be original. If there is sapphire crystal in the watch its price will start from $2000 and above. Most of these are original heritage watches.

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These are the watches that commonly cost more than $10,000. These luxury watches are branded and commonly rich people can afford them.

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Now you are aware of all the different types of wrist watches and how they are classified. It means that the selection process of the watch will become easier for you. You have to assure that you select the best type of watch available in the market according to its movement and class. Pay attention to the quality of the product.

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